Sunday, September 1, 2019

Music, Cultural Exchanges, & More!

After not playing for several years, I was finally able to play with the UW-Parkside Reunion band.  I'm hoping to be able to keep playing again, this fall in the Parkside Community Band, as well as get on the substitute list for the Racine Municipal Band.  It's fun.  Here is me, at the event:

In participating in the reunion event for the Parkside 50th anniversary, I was able to get on a list to host a couple of members of a German municipal band, which is actually a community-based band.  They will be here September 14th - 16th.  I'm looking forward to it, and hope people will come to the event.

Not only will I be hosting them, I'll be helping to pick them up, take them to their appointments here (which includes a concert), and back to where they need to go to depart to the next stop on their tour.  It will be a nice lesson in cultural exchanges for my son & husband, also.

Speaking of Lessons (chapter 46) - In chapter 46, Lessons, in my friend, Soldwolf’s story, Meeting the Parents, it’s more than pizza, for those who aren't used to "Earthling" food... Maybe it's the cheese, and they should visit Wisconsin? But wait... tactical issues need to be discussed, and lessons need to be reviewed... More training on tactical issues is also in order. The hero's lovely is sweet, yet, she knows how to keep him in line while keeping their best interests in mind.

Speaking of homemade pizza, my son did a good job not long ago on his. I also miss cooking with him when he was little... To be able to have good family relationships... Well, I guess I'll just have to live vicariously, this way.

Be dears and read it, okay? Don’t worry about Big Brother, because I’ll be the one to give you the Big Sister Interrogation (Ch 3). But the best type of A Mother’s Gift (Ch 20) I can give to my son is to keep pursuing my options to set the example. Maybe I just need some Celebrations (Ch 32) to lighten up the mood? And if you don’t comply, we’ll haul you to Zrik'hlfa, the capital of Tamal (the planet that the hero's lovely is from), for some major Takedowns (Ch 40). For now, I have some major Discoveries and Decisions (Ch 45) to make for myself... Kind of like how April showers bring May flowers. What do May Flowers bring? Pilgrims... I wonder what kind of pilgrimage I ought to go on?

Sometimes, personal touches can help move professional connections forward. Read on to read all of the details! I guaranty you, more than heads will be rolling here, and maybe some people will be turned into sausage! I just hope it doesn't end up on the pizza... With enough readership, the publishers on DeviantArt may pick up the story to publish it into a real book, which I'm hoping will happen!

I'm also a co-administrator for a support group, and the founder of this Sibling Abuse Survivors is on a Blogtalk Radio show.  Please have a listen, HERE - Thank you!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Things to do... What do you like?

I was finally able to go to a Racine Raiders football game as a regular fan...  The last game was over 30 years ago, when I was still in my high school pep band and the Lighthouse Brigade Marching Band and went to play as part of one of those...   I remember I used to have so much fun because watching the games in person is more fun than watching on TV.  I've had the pleasure of going to every home game in high school, went to watch the Wisconsin Badgers regularly while in college, and even went to a Green Bay Packers preseason game once.  So, to be able to take my son to one of these, since I'd pulled him from regular public school to do the public virtual school thing, he never had that opportunity...  It's a great family event as well as for groups of friends to attend.  I had fun making some noise with my miniature cowbell that sounds more like a wind chime...

I enjoy instilling the love of reading in young people. Teens & young adults who don't fit the social norms or haven't been introduced to much would like something a little different, such as Soldwolf’s current story in the making, Meeting the Parents (Ch. 1) In this military sci-fi story, there is a lot of action, tactical movements both from a personal & strategic perspective, and the main couple along with their Circle of Friends (Ch 36) are endearing. In Discoveries & Decisions (Ch 45), the details of the discoveries from the last chapter(s) are gradually being revealed. Certain conclusions can be drawn from these, as well as understanding the gravity of the key players' impact was on finding the intel. Some might be nominated for awards, others might be glad that they don't use guillotines in the future... A ton of info is sifted through, and this operation was bigger than anything you'd expect, so the plans on what to do next will have to be a delicate balance.

In the chapters leading up to the current point, the “bad guys” whether they are outright enemies, infiltrators, or inside traitors, The Wrath of Khan will look tame to what they are going to end up getting. Whether you’re about the military aspect, sci-fi action or personal relationships, you’ll find this to be a good read. Even though Spock says, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” (Star Trek), I think, in this case, the need to keep this couple safe from harm would be best for this futuristic society.

Go find that thing to do, you might find something you enjoy, and be inspired to pursue something new, get a hobby or just expand on what you already have.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Run 4 Beer 5k

The Racine Brewing Run for Beer event was today.  For me, it was a huge accomplishment to finish this.  Had you asked me 5 years ago to take part in a 5k anything, I'd have told you No. Effing. Way. In. Hell.  Even 3 years ago, I'd have needed my walking/hiking sticks to make it.

But since 5 years ago, I'd lost a lot of weight, and being on a quest to be more active, I decided to try.  I figure hey, if I can start reading a book called Meeting the Parents that is still in progress of being written (which is actually kind of neat, since it's like I get to watch the wheels turn in the author's head), I figure I can do my own Explorations & Discoveries (Ch44) on my own skills...  It was fun to make my own "bib", instead of numbers, we came up with a name for a beer, if we were to have made our own craft beer.

In the chapter, there are "new" old places to explore...  Intel to discover.  Testing skills of an Ensign stepping foot into field service.  Sometimes, having fun while getting dirty is the best medicine, and it's good to know that my grandma's advice about always being an explorer and trying new things still holds true in the future!  Some of the reminiscings give clues about who the hero and his buddies are as people.  You'll have to come read for the juicy details...  There is a lot of tactical detail happening.  Soldwolf has a knack for making these procedures exciting.

As for me, well, I probably SHOULD have used my walking sticks...  But, they DO donate proceeds to 2 charities each year when they host these 5k walk/run series around the state.

I did get a craft beer after the race, as well as a pretzel, a T-shirt, and some swag...  After losing 2# since this morning, due to sweating out whatever toxins, and hoping the hops from the beer will help kick out any other toxins, I took a nap and now I'm ready for Italian Fest with my son.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Summer Things To Do

It's summer, and of course, I'd love to go to an outdoor swimming pool or the beach.  I always love my water sources...  But then again, The Ren Faire is also going on, and then there are the books/stories that call my name...  And, I heard that GenCon is attracting Star Trek characters this year, and I'd love to go to that too.  It would be neat if I could find someone to go...

Speaking of these types of conventions, I think it would be cool if Soldwolf’s story could end up being published into an actual, real book... The name of the story is Meeting the Parents (Ch 1) is a military sci-fi work in progress. With enough interest and hits on the chapters, especially after it’s all wrapped up, it could get picked up by a publisher who will get a professional editor to look at it and put it forth into something you can hold in your hand and read... This has the potential to be featured at a Comic or Science Fiction Convention, with characters dressed up... I wonder if he’d let me be one of those? Maybe Miyo, the Japanese lady with the bionic arm who loves to gift people, except I don’t think I look Asian enough, nor am I a bionic woman... Or maybe Quen’tra the cute bunny-eared love interest of the hero, who is gentle, sensitive, and in her own way, bad-ass.

I assure you that you don't want to miss The Morning Edition (Ch2) because who knows what kind of Morning Revelations (Ch 7) you will get... Maybe it's to build that BBQ Pit (Ch 13) or to find out what is going on at the SSQH (Ch 14)? Just don't forget to keep your family and friends in the loop when it comes to Plans & Tours (Ch 37). Please take a look, you'll find this to be interesting.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


I'm having a hectic period of time, moving from a house we were renting, into a house I just bought.  I have a lot less help and also not as young as I used to be, and it's taking a toll, but it will be worth it, once we're settled in.  There is a lot to reduce since the space we have is smaller, but easier to maintain.

In conjunction with moving, I'd like to tie in the newest development in my friend Soldwolf's story, Meeting the Parents.  It's a military sci-fi novel, which automatically means it's action-packed, and the characters are so endearing, I'm getting attached.  The interpersonal relationships range from interplanetary alliances & enemies, interspecies romance, and of course, the humor that goes into it all.  It's very intellectually written.  In this chapter (43), Opening Moves, an important meeting of military minds is happening, while the romantic couple is also on the lookout for a new house to call home.  The info that the hero's sister found out, $&it is getting ready to roll downhill, and a lot of strategizing is going on!  Is there a traitor or pirate lurking for the hero's betrothed's home planet?  Yikes! Big things are brewing for sure!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Independence & Foundation Day

Wishing all of my American friends a happy 4th of July, especially to those who are in the service, served, and veteran status!  Love you all!  I really do appreciate your service.

In this country, we like to celebrate our freedoms.  Whether it's to celebrate all of them or our favorite ones or right to party, as citizens of the U.S.A., we enjoy these things, and so we get festive in various ways.  Go for it.  Let's just not forget that our veterans went through a lot to defend these freedoms, including the right to party & be festive.  An author friend of mine, Soldwolf, is a Navy veteran who put in 22 years.

I don't always stand through the parade, but when floats like the Racine Navy Club or other Veteran groups come by, I abide by what I think is the proper action to stand as they go past.  I was thanked by the guy in front and felt connected.  It made me wonder if someday, Soldwolf will be a part of this club, and will he have the group read his story, Meeting the Parents?  Maybe - lol

Anyway, I am a natural American citizen but was born in Japan.  There, they celebrate Foundation Day, which happens to land on my very own birthday.  Because the country was never ruled by another entity, the celebrations and festivities are different.  It's more about being solid as a country and longevity.  Of course, there are parades, fireworks, and lots of food, just like here.  Just please, don't drink too much of that sake...

I decided to go take part in today's activities because this has taken on new meaning for myself.  I've never had a close relationship with either of my parents, as my father was estranged, and my mother is strained, to say the least.  I am in the process of packing up boxes to move into a house that will be all mine, and it's ironic that it was the inheritance from my estranged father that is helping to pay for the house I will be moving into...  What this means is, I will not be renting from the person with whom I have a stressed relationship with any longer.  The strains have taken an extensive toll, to which I will not divulge in a blog, but this move brings me several steps away to celebrate my own independence from those who can be considered toxic to me in more ways than this.

It is also helping to build my own foundation as well, literally AND figuratively.  While it will feel new, to cut out certain aspects of what drains me, it's still a lot of work.  After going to the parade, I went home, packed more boxes, and was glad to break again to go to a Low Country Boil for dinner, hosted by a dear friend who is kind of like a sister in certain ways.  It's kind of nice to be able to adopt & expand family, especially after having to shrink negative people out.

So, what is a Low Country Boil?  It is where various things get well seasoned boiled together in a humungous pot, and when done, dumped on a serving table.  I couldn't help but eat the corn on the cob.  While different people may use different things, this has 2 different types of mussels, shrimp, crab, sausage, potatoes, onions, and corn.  I've heard of these, but this was my 1st experience partaking, and I enjoyed it!  I even got to take leftovers home!

What is independence/foundation day w/o a good light & sound show?  But before we cut out, the next chapter of Soldwolf's story is Matters of House & Family (Ch 42) Huge decisions are being made, and while yes, it is directly regarding staff for the actual family, it's also tied into the fact that these are also military families with a lot of clout within the regime.  Ah, wouldn't it be nice if we could actually have our own staff?  But then again...  *sigh*  maybe I should be glad that isn't my problem.  Then to have to keep briefing everyone...  Stealth can be deadly, but it can also get a ton of intel.  Sh. Be very, very quiet...  Even though these are in a different direction, I relate personally, since I've had to make these types of decisions for matters concerning my house & family as well.

Please check his stuff out.  It's good reading.  Peace out.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Concert Settings:

Back in April, my 19-year-old son treated me to the Billy Joel concert up at Miller Park Stadium.  Yes, I corrupted him...  He loves classic rock.  Other concerts he has gone to include ZZ Top and The Who.  Definitely a boy after his mother's heart.  I am fortunate.

I wonder if it is because growing up myself, I'd always been a music head, and love classical music, jazz, etc.  I even play clarinet and tenor saxophone, sang in the jazz choir, and can't imagine my life w/o music.  My son also is a musician.  As a preschooler, he'd sneak my harmonica and play along to his favorite cartoon shows at the beginning.  He now plays trumpet and is learning how to play acoustic guitar.  Yes, I'm bragging just a little bit...

To make things more interesting, I'd been involved at a young age helping out with various campaigns to get people elected since I was about 9, and got him started around the same age, maybe slightly older.  We also love Science Fiction.  We try to see every sci-fi flick that comes out on the big screen together, even if it's on $5/Tuesdays or at the Value Cinema.  It's pretty fun.  Everything from Star Trek to X-Men to whatever else that comes out...  Plus we love action, thrillers, and so much more.  I hope we can continue to do things together as he goes on, though I realize it will be a lot less often.

So, when I found out that my friend, Soldwolf is writing a military sci-fi story filled with action, humor and even a little romance story called Meeting the Parents, I was interested.  Because I like the story so much, I decided that I just have to share it, because it's too good not to share.  It's a neat storyline featuring a hero from post-unification Earth, where he is serving in the UN military, and his love is from a prominent family on a planet called Tamal, a humanoid race that evolved from herbivores.  This Tamalnii heroine is such an endearing character, you'll be cheering on for her and her people as well as for her and her studly to make it through to the end.

Chapter 41:  Post TakedownsWith so much going on, people need to chill out to make out sensible reports...  Oh, the info collected is huge.  I'm just wondering what kind of smackdown is awaiting in the future...

Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.