Thursday, May 18, 2017

Curious Places 4 Curious People

The West Racine business district is an interesting place. No, I’m not talking about being out in the county. I’m talking about those businesses on Washington Avenue, from West Blvd. to about Blaine Ave. We all know Wilson’s Coffee, Infusino’s carry out, and CVS. We are mourning the loss of Nelson’s Dime Store, which recently closed. But, please don’t mourn too much... There are still gems left in the area, and some of them are one of a kind places, which take you back in local history. Think Mom & Pop stores, unique, and worth your time.

I was out and about today, and dropped off a pair of Chad’s jeans for a new zipper. It’s a place called West Racine Shoe Service, located at 1138 Hayes Ave. They do adjustments, fix heels, repair clothing with patches, etc. It is a very neat store, which will give you the feeling of that nostalgia of the 1950’s with what they have in there, but with a modern interior to keep current. Plus, who doesn’t want to pamper that favorite pair of jeans? I they can do just about anything, from putting new soles on your shoes to cuffs on your leather coat. They have been there since about 1987 at this location, and the original location was on Douglas Ave, and this shoe service has been around for about 100 years. Pretty cool.

Another cool place in the West Racine area, is Snooper’s Paradise, located in the strip on Lathrop Ave. which has fun items in there, many of which are antiques and other unique items, such as nostalgic Coke items. It’s worth looking through, you never know what you might want, until you see it. Here they are in the Journal Times:

Of course, me, being a curious person, loves to check out things. Across the street, is this “new” store called Refined Salvage & Pallet Designs 1137 Hayes Ave. Talk about original items, and they are all talking points. Everything from using old windows to wooden pallets and turn them into planters, coat hangers, and a lot of other cool things. There are items like roofing nail rings, rod iron items, and you never know what you will find there. It is a totally interesting place, and, if you want that one of a kind gift for you or someone else, this place is a definite “go-to” place. Can’t find that perfect something that talks to you? Come back in a few days, or get a gift certificate. You will find that thing. It’s like being able to go to School Days Mall, but in a place that reminds you of specialty items you might find at Olsen’s Mercantile from Little House on the Prairie. It’s a really neat place. To get a sneak peak at what they have, here is an article on Racine County Eye:

I encourage people to rediscover West Racine, and check out the different stores that go down the side streets. The next time you’re out to enjoy coffee from Wilson’s, don’t forget to bring those pieces of clothing or foot wear to get fixed at the West Racine Shoe Service. It’s right around the corner at the stop light from our favorite coffee joint. Since you’re right there, bring your curiosity with you, and check out Refined Salvage & Pallet Designs. It’s really neat, and you won’t be sorry. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sex Offender Residency Limit to be dropped

Well, as much as I dislike the idea of violent sex offenders near our children, the flip side is that "home" is where you sleep. At 1500 feet, we are talking only about 3 or 4 blocks away, if there is space. That is close enough to walk to the school areas to be near the children during their waking hours, so, these residency laws are actually quite useless.
The thought is if they are back in their original communities, they have the support system needed with their family and friends to better able to "lead a normal life". But, how many times have we heard people say they don't want to be involved? Sex offenses are rarely stranger danger. So, if a parent or some other relative is sexually abusing children, and people don't want to be involved, you're putting these people right back into the communities where they know the area, and can easily access the places they like to go.
Those who push for therapy... Maybe if the offender is young, and it's their 1st offense, maybe the therapy might work... (Romeo & Juliet would be an exception, because they're peers). But, for those who are pedophiles? There is no cure for pedophilia. They're sexually attracted to children.
Sign and share the petition for #LikasLaw4Wisconsin around all of Wisconsin:
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Friday, May 12, 2017

Internship Luncheon

I finished up my internship at the Victim Witness Office, which is an extension of the District Attorney's Office, inside the Racine County Courthouse. It was an enjoyable experience, where all of the women who work there all had their own strengths to bring, to build a strong team as a collective. I admire them all. To beat that, I did get an awesome letter of recommendation from my immediate supervisor.

Because these are such awesome people, including those from the DA's main office, I brought in lunch for my last day, in hopes that giving them good food that starts with real ingredients and should be nutritious and delicious will show how much I appreciated them as well as my experience.

Bean/Veggie burgers (inspired by Robert Irvine, but adjusted to fit what I had): 2# pinto beans - soaked overnight, picked and cooked, then blended into a very thick paste. 1# brown Jasmine rice, cooked and cooled on a sheet pan. 1 yucca root - peeled, cut & boiled for 10 minutes, 2 medium carrots peeled and cut, 2 medium yellow onions peeled and cut, 1 bulb of garlic pealed: roast these veggies for 30 minutes, and mince in a food processor. Combine all of these in a large bowl, and add 1 TBS sea salt, 1 tsp freshly ground pepper corns, 1/2 cup medium-hot salsa, 3 TBS cilantro, 1 tsp cumin, juice of 2 limes. Mix well, and form into 1/8# patties. Bake on cookie sheet in a 350F for 8 minutes on each side (may be longer for larger patties). Serve on pretzel buns with hot mayo (mayo or salad dressing mixed with sriracha sauce - I do 2/3 dressing & 1/3 sriracha).

Sushi rolls: 5 cups of sushi grade Japanese rice, rinsed until water runs clear, let rest for an hour, w/o water. Add 6 cups of water to rice and a large piece or so of kombu kelp. Add 7 TBS rice vinegar, 6 TBS sugar, and 5 tsp sea salt. Mix well, cook until all liquid is absorbed, covered. Let rest for 10 minutes after cooking. Put into a large pan, and continuously cut, fold, & fluff the rice with a fan, until easy to work with. Roll with sushi seaweed, and feel free to be creative with what to put in the middle. This recipe, I did tofu, asparagus, takuan (Japanese pickled radish) and flavored shiitake mushrooms. I've also used shrimp, cucumber, carrot, egg omelet Japanese style, don't be shy to use what you like. Blanched asparagus, cauliflower, and other veggies are also good.

Anyway, now that I am done, with an awesome letter of recommendation in hand, I am looking for a full time office position where I am responsible for managing databases, give customer service, answering phones to give information and/or referrals, make copies and agendas for meetings, pass necessary information to those who need it, public speaking, taking meeting minutes, etc... I would love an attorney's office, corporations like Coka-Cola, State Departments such as DMV, and I am open to industry. I also have a medical background, also, so a personal injury type law firm would be benefited greatly with my employment. If you know anyplace which is hiring, please let me know! Thank you in advance.

In the mean time, please sign my petition, #LikasLaw4Wisconsin here:

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Child Abuse Prevention Month: Wrap Up

On this last day of April, I end this month with the question, what has anyone done to help the situation of helping survivors of childhood abuse? There are many forms. Some are worse than others. Too many children end up dying, either at the hands of their abusers, or by suicide because the system focuses too much on the perpetrators. Yes, it is true that it is the Criminal Justice System, and when we hear about physical abuse or gross neglect that leads to starvation, we get infuriated, with good cause.

It seems to me, though, that so many people want to be easy on those who sexually target children. Sorry to tell you, but, feeling sorry for the perpetrators and thinking that simple therapy will help, is only allowing the abuse to continue. Yes, I’ve done my homework. Don’t assume that because your knowledge is different than mine, that I haven’t studied the topic. I founded Youth Voice Initiative May 2008. I’d already done a lot of research back then, and haven’t stopped studying this topic. You can also visit the cause on Facebook.

I will tell you that #LikasLaw4Wisconsin is NOT about the high school sweethearts who run off together, when one is of age and the other is not. The Romeo & Juliet situation is not applicable, here. We are talking about fully grown adults who make a move on preschool age children, or the 19 year old who targets your 9 year old with special needs. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to prepubescent children, which is birth to about 11 or 12 year old kids. Hebephiles are full grown adults who prefer children at the cusp of moving into adolescence, the premature form of moving into adult shaped bodies. Just like you can’t force someone to become gay or straight, the same logic applies to pedophiles. Please check out the Lika’s Law Petition, and read the body of the petition as well as the accompanying letter. After reading through, then ask me what you wish.

There is no therapy on the face of the planet. I have spoken to a psychologist who had worked in the system, and he has explained that while the results can be found, it’s never a permanent state of coming out of being a pedophile. Pedophilia is a form of sex offender. There is grooming, not taking responsibility, and minimizing the severity of what actually happened. These are all forms of high level manipulation, and is attributed to very narcissistic people. The manipulator will figure out “the right answer”, and use these very same manipulating principle, to groom those who are not experienced into thinking they might not be dangerous. This same psychologist had said pretty much that these people will do anything to get out, and to minimize their sentence, just to get out to connive a way to go back to sexually preying on children. There is even an article by Psych Central that ends their recent report that there is no real conclusive evidence that this therapy even works. Any sex offender who targets children can SAY they’re not molesting children, if they’ve never been caught. Even this German Study doesn’t say that the therapy works, it says it COULD work. These are two different things, people. Another German Study, that took 7,000 pedophiles even states that pedophilia cannot be cured. So if it can’t be cured, how do we know that these people who are sexually attracted to children will actually keep from taking these children?

When children are traumatized, and granted, yes, there are different types of trauma, but, in this case, we will stick to abused children. The home is a combat zone, and your child was not born with boot camp experience. The repeated trauma of abuse actually affects brain development and how these kids learn. This is serious in child development, and how these kids meet the milestones necessary to compete in the workforce and beyond. Because they cannot “just fit in”, may be labeled as slow learners, it isn’t about being an adult. The brain actually changed so adulting isn’t something that just comes up as natural. If children can’t children, how do we expect to have functional adults? I am so happy for places like SAS of Lutheran Social Services to offer support, counseling, advocacy, and so much more. I volunteer for this crisis line, and the ladies and gent who are the staff and volunteers are an awesome group of people. I am also grateful for the Women’s Resource Center, which takes in those in dangerous & abusive relationships who need a safe place to stay. These are priceless agencies, both of which I am proud to be or have been associated with.

So, because the survivors of childhood sex abuse deserve more, I encourage you to take a stand and sign my petition. Not taking a sand is protecting the sex offenders who target our children, making it a community where children are made into sex toys for them.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Trigger warning and it might make you ~sick~

Let me educate some Online peeps. This is also the reason why we need something along the line if #LikasLaw4Wisconsin. Please read all the way through.

There is the web, you get on google or your search engine of choice and look up your topic. There is a whole other web embedded underneath called the dark web. You have to know how to get into it, no I will not tell you how. What you find there is utter depravity at its worse. Today I will stick with the children.  

You will find forums where the freaks go to chat, buy and sell pics of kids, regular pics like the ones they take off your Facebook. THEN there are nude pics, pics of sexual acts between adults/children. Child/child. Animals/Child. Wanna hurl yet? I'm not done. Websites where you can go, whip out that credit card and really get your freak on. You will watch it unfold in real time with real children. Request the gender, request what you want to see done.

Better take a deep breath here... Rape. Torture. Sodomy. Murder. Children for sale. *FOR SALE* a pedophile's dream, in a smorgasbord. I'm not making this up, google it and if you are offended delete me. I AM a child advocate in several ways not just one. Some people on this social network need to get their heads out of their asses and understand some cold hard facts about what goes on with kids and the net. This IS the evil I confront and I will not stop till I'm dead. I fight for the kids in court and online. THIS is EVIL at its worst!

Then people wonder why I caution about things, and turn their noses up, until it's one of theirs that ends up in a film. Sign this petition today, and pass it around. Speak up, or you're supporting these monsters.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Important Info About Childhood Sex Abuse:

April 25th is Alice Day, which was originally Pedophile Pride Day, is a day where some pedophiles make it a holiday to celebrate pedophilia.  I'm not sure how many of them actually partake in this celebration, but, there is enough of a group that do.  The fact that these people want to make it a festive event is totally disgusting.

The fact that there is a loud group of pedophiles who want to make pedophilia legal, and make it legitimate as a sexual orientation is disgusting.  To make it legitimate is to quietly condone the act of sexually assaulting our children.  Here are some of the symbols they use.

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that these are just pretty bling for innocent reasons like they like it...  These are pedophile symbols.  If you see these, report them to authorities.  Here is an intel report from the FBI.  These symbols are kind of like the pedophile handshake, which is widespread, regardless of if they celebrate Alice Day or not.  Most of them practice in their own ways, on their own terms.  There are some toys geared toward various ages of children and youth, where the pedophile symbols are on the toys, so if the kids are out and about, those particular children can be publicly targeted as a sign for the various ages that they are attracted to.

Here are some of their terminology and abbreviations, so you can stay on top of it, in case you hear anything.

Do not think that all pedophiles are these weird strangers who jump out of a bush.  Many are smart, and are highly smart in the manipulation game, and will find a way to get trust, gain access to your children, and groom everyone so you don't see the signs of abuse.   The kids will be told that if they tell, they will kill their family.  Most of these offenders are known to the victim.

How do you protect your children?  Know them, and know what is normal and not normal.  Keep open communication.  A strong bond between parent and child is one of the best ways to keep them safe.  These pedophiles and child molesters are looking for those who are loners, insecure, and maybe don't have a solid home life.  

What is the difference between pedophiles and child molesters?  The answer is this:

Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children, the same way that adults are to each other.  A 16 year old who prefers 6 year olds to peers are considered a pedophile, while with full adults, it's more about the age spread.  Technically, a pedophile is one who prefers children that are under 12, prepubescent.  Those who are interested in tweens (12-15 years old) are called hebephiles, and those interested in YOUNG almost adults are called  ephebophiles (15-19).  But, mind you, we tend to call 50 year olds who are attracted to 15 year olds as a pedophile, because of the age differences.  We are not talking about peers who run away with each other.  These are adults who somehow feel connected with these children, to the point that they can't hold an adult relationship the way normal people do.

Child molesters usually come across as normal people in society.  They are probably married, have their own families, might be active in some kind of faith based or civic organization, yet, they choose to sexually assault children.  Those who are developmentally or physically disabled are often targeted.  The scary statistic is, by the time kids are 18, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted.  For those who end up in college, the numbers are 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys.  Disabled children are 3 times more likely to be targeted for sexual abuse.

Another scary fact is that most of these people who rape our children do not spend much time in prison, if at all.  So, in honor of our children who are being sexually abused and those who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, let's get #LikasLaw4Wisconsin trending.

Here is the petition to sign:  Lika's Law 4 Wisconsin 
Or, the link:

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month 2

I cannot say enough, that as adults, we MUST speak up for our children. It’s crazy how many people want to sit back and do nothing. Doing nothing makes you a supporter of those who abuse their children. I’m also wondering why some people have a problem signing this petition, since ignoring the issue will also, not solve anything but to allow child predators to keep raping our children. So, you don’t want to sign because you don’t want to feel like a hypocrite? You running off with your 20 year old boyfriend/girlfriend when you were 17 is not the same thing, as a 30 year old targeting your 5 year old. The main difference is, when you were 17, you chose to run off. A 5 year old does not have this choice. Get it? So, if you’re saying that because you fell into the “Romeo & Juliet” scenario makes it so that you don’t want to sign, you’re stating that you don’t have a problem with your 40 year old uncle (or aunt) can take your 12 year old child into the bedroom for sexual purposes.

I’m also hearing from people that they “don’t agree with the stiffer sentencing” because some other country “does therapy & counseling” to reduce the rate of recidivism. I have never seen that study. At all. But, sorry. You. Can. Not. Cure. Classic. Pedophilia. Pedophiles are not mentally their own age, nor do they think there is anything wrong with full grown adults having sex with young children. They just know that society doesn’t agree with it. But, not all sex offenders who prey on children are pedophiles. Child molesters target children because they rationalize the abuse somehow. And no; it is untrue that most are those who were sexually abused as children. The fact is, only 29% of those who have been sexually abused as children go on to become child molesters or pedophiles. Because many take advantage of opportunities coming to them, it isn’t something that “just happens”.  

Here is another FYI: All sexual violence is GROSSLY under-reported, so, the likelihood of a false report is extremely rare, especially if the victim is a child. With the widespread issue child sex abuse being so prominent, it makes it even MORE important to take a stand. The best way to prevent your children from being sexually assaulted or abused is to know your children and have a strong bond with them, which includes open communication. Child predators will target children with low self esteem, and understands that many are not close to their parents, which makes an easier target a child. Know your child. Understand your child. Have mutual respect between you and your child. When you know your child, the behavior changes are more obvious, and when they divulge, believe them. This will help your child move past the victimization. Never blame your children for the abuse, because frankly, no. They did NOT ask for it. Get to know the facts. Too many of these statistics are very frightening, and with the widespread problem, you probably know at least a few survivors of sex assaults. Just to give you an idea of how wide spread it is, think of 4 women you love, respect, and are close to. 

Now, think of 6 men that you love, respect, and are close to. Depending on their ages, there is one on each list that has been sexually abused, or are at risk of it. There are various forms of child sex abuse, and child pornography is one of them. Do not minimize it by saying that the viewer is not abusing those children, because they are revictimizing those children every time the child porn is viewed. It is this very demand that keeps the makers of these images coming, and with each new wave of people, they will keep needing “new material” which is why human trafficking is such a big buck industry in and of itself.

The sad thing is, I’ve heard through the grapevines through various networks, that parishioners of the faith facility I used to attend, were told not to help me out in my cause, because whomever told them insisted that I am only seeking attention, and because of who told them, they felt that they didn’t have a choice but to follow orders. I wonder if whomever said anything has something to hide. Are they protecting pedophiles? Have they sexually assaulted minors? Why would anyone want to exert that kind of power against protecting children from sex abuse? I don’t know. That just means that I need your support more than ever.

Please, I ask you, to help me get #LikasLaw4Wisconsin trending, anywhere and everywhere online. You don’t need to live in Wisconsin to help make this push. We only need to get as many people in Wisconsin to sign this petition as possible, and let’s make it go viral. Please sign and share widely, this petition to ensure that those who sexually assault children do not get to walk.

Copy this - #LikasLaw4Wisconsin: Please sign & share widely

Paste it in a post on all of your social media contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or where ever you are. Or, please share the blog. Thank you in advance.