Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why? Because We Ought To!

When good people fail to see how gross and disgusting this is, because "children are resilient" or that it isn't so bad because one isn't dead or permanently disabled so it can't be considered heinous... You are siding with the abuser(s) and contributing to the continuing abuses that happen everywhere...
This is why I do what I do. Why I started Youth Voice Initiative. Why I must educate people. Why I must talk to my legislators. Why I get on my soap box and rant, blog, or update my status. Why it is important for me to ask people to help out.
Sometimes I think it is lame that victims and survivors of sex or any other types of abuse only have me, to speak up to our leaders about this issue. There are no other 501c4's out there that I am aware of, whose sole purpose is to tighten up to protect these children, to reduce the number of us who have to recover from our childhoods... When I pursue other activities such as a job, or hobby, or what have you... I keep getting pointed right back to this. To be in the jungle of those who need their voices heard, but too broken to have it heard... I stand here. I've asked why me. But the answer was why not me. So here I go.
I am one person. But one person can make a big difference. Back in 2011, I got April's Law Wisconsin to be drafted, introduced to the Assembly, and heard by the Committee for Criminal Justice and Corrections up in Madison. It never made it past this point. But. I got this up here, with thanks to former Senator John Lehman for drafting it. For Representative Cory Mason for introducing it to the assembly. And to Representative Robin Vos for supporting it... If I, just me, got this up this far... Think what can be done, if more people would add their talents, whether it's to write a letter, or pass around a petition, or what ever it may be... I have full faith that we could put it through, all the way, and all the way up to the top... I will never give up. Never quit. As long as I have breath in my lungs, and a voice in my mouth, I will carry on.
This is why I am asking you to support #LikasLaw4Wisconsin by signing this petition: Lika's Law 4 Wisconsin

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Are "Virtuous Pedophiles" Real?

A friend shared this with me. And, this is why society needs an organization like Youth Voice Initiative, to protect our children from all forms of abuse, especially sex abuse.
So, a self identified "virtuous pedophile" wants to normalize "virtuous pedophilia". But, under the constitution, everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, so, him claiming his virtuosity may only be because he has not been caught yet. I have no sympathy for these people who think they shouldn't be ostracized. 
Please view the entire video to capture the magnitude of what he is saying.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Places To Go, People To See, Things to Do!

In a place like Racine, WI - where it would seem as if there wouldn't be much, it's surprising to out of towners people around here are so festive.  But, we are in Wisconsin.  And we're located cozy between Milwaukee & Chicago.  And no.  We don't need to go to the bigger cities to find a place to hang out with friends, and whether you want to shoot a game of pool, darts, listen to the jukebox, or munch on a few things while enjoying your favorite beverage, whether that's a soft drink or imbibe on what ever it is you like.

I'm big on supporting local business, and if I'm remembering correctly, each person spent $20/year at local businesses, it circulates over $1 million within the community.  Basically, something like 86% of every dollar spent at a local business stays in the local economy.  That is pretty cool.  What is even COOLER?  When you know the owner, who you spent a portion of your time growing up with...  I have 3 classmates who I know of, that have their own business.

The first, is Blue Rock Lounge, located in the heart of Racine’s Downtown. It is owned by classmate Mark Thomas. It has a nice front, with nice rod iron tables outside, to make it fun to be outside when weather permits, to enjoy your drinks and such. They do sell food, including pizza, and if the owner is there, you will notice he brings up a pizza crust, a container of pizza sauce, package of cheese, and what ever other ingredients you ask for on your pizza, and he assembles it and cooks it up. I think that’s really cool! Another thing for your FYI, is if you want to book an event, there is a 2nd floor banquet/party area, with a lot of neat spaces. There is a room to shoot a game of billiards, a dart room, and even a multipurpose area, to put a picture booth, or what ever you’d like. Check it out, it will be fun!

Next, is OTL, which stands for On The Level, which is located on the same block as Wells Brothers, at the corner of 22nd St. & Racine St. It is owned by classmate Darrick Pittman, whose serving up a lot of good drinks, snack bags, and has a cozy yet open patio out side. Our class reunion will be using that area for a cookout. I can’t wait, because this is going to be extra fun, and extra delicious! And, of course, because everyone loves Wells Brothers (on 22nd & Mead St.), if you’re waiting to get a spot, and it’s going to be a while, go next door to OTL and have a couple of drinks while you wait! It will be worth your while.

Finally, there is Beaute On the Square, owned by classmate Krissy Beaugrand. I think it’s good for people to pamper themselves on occasion, and why not at Beaute Hair & Nail Spa? It is pronounced beauty, with that modern flair. So go ahead, ladies, go visit Krissy and get beautiful, and walk out ready to start turning heads. Hint, hint for you wonderful men out there, who love your girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc... do that special someone something nice by picking up a gift certificate!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Curious Places 4 Curious People

The West Racine business district is an interesting place. No, I’m not talking about being out in the county. I’m talking about those businesses on Washington Avenue, from West Blvd. to about Blaine Ave. We all know Wilson’s Coffee, Infusino’s carry out, and CVS. We are mourning the loss of Nelson’s Dime Store, which recently closed. But, please don’t mourn too much... There are still gems left in the area, and some of them are one of a kind places, which take you back in local history. Think Mom & Pop stores, unique, and worth your time.

I was out and about today, and dropped off a pair of Chad’s jeans for a new zipper. It’s a place called West Racine Shoe Service, located at 1138 Hayes Ave. They do adjustments, fix heels, repair clothing with patches, etc. It is a very neat store, which will give you the feeling of that nostalgia of the 1950’s with what they have in there, but with a modern interior to keep current. Plus, who doesn’t want to pamper that favorite pair of jeans? I they can do just about anything, from putting new soles on your shoes to cuffs on your leather coat. They have been there since about 1987 at this location, and the original location was on Douglas Ave, and this shoe service has been around for about 100 years. Pretty cool.

Another cool place in the West Racine area, is Snooper’s Paradise, located in the strip on Lathrop Ave. which has fun items in there, many of which are antiques and other unique items, such as nostalgic Coke items. It’s worth looking through, you never know what you might want, until you see it. Here they are in the Journal Times:

Of course, me, being a curious person, loves to check out things. Across the street, is this “new” store called Refined Salvage & Pallet Designs 1137 Hayes Ave. Talk about original items, and they are all talking points. Everything from using old windows to wooden pallets and turn them into planters, coat hangers, and a lot of other cool things. There are items like roofing nail rings, rod iron items, and you never know what you will find there. It is a totally interesting place, and, if you want that one of a kind gift for you or someone else, this place is a definite “go-to” place. Can’t find that perfect something that talks to you? Come back in a few days, or get a gift certificate. You will find that thing. It’s like being able to go to School Days Mall, but in a place that reminds you of specialty items you might find at Olsen’s Mercantile from Little House on the Prairie. It’s a really neat place. To get a sneak peak at what they have, here is an article on Racine County Eye:

I encourage people to rediscover West Racine, and check out the different stores that go down the side streets. The next time you’re out to enjoy coffee from Wilson’s, don’t forget to bring those pieces of clothing or foot wear to get fixed at the West Racine Shoe Service. It’s right around the corner at the stop light from our favorite coffee joint. Since you’re right there, bring your curiosity with you, and check out Refined Salvage & Pallet Designs. It’s really neat, and you won’t be sorry. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sex Offender Residency Limit to be dropped

Well, as much as I dislike the idea of violent sex offenders near our children, the flip side is that "home" is where you sleep. At 1500 feet, we are talking only about 3 or 4 blocks away, if there is space. That is close enough to walk to the school areas to be near the children during their waking hours, so, these residency laws are actually quite useless.
The thought is if they are back in their original communities, they have the support system needed with their family and friends to better able to "lead a normal life". But, how many times have we heard people say they don't want to be involved? Sex offenses are rarely stranger danger. So, if a parent or some other relative is sexually abusing children, and people don't want to be involved, you're putting these people right back into the communities where they know the area, and can easily access the places they like to go.
Those who push for therapy... Maybe if the offender is young, and it's their 1st offense, maybe the therapy might work... (Romeo & Juliet would be an exception, because they're peers). But, for those who are pedophiles? There is no cure for pedophilia. They're sexually attracted to children.
Sign and share the petition for #LikasLaw4Wisconsin around all of Wisconsin:
Click the link or copy/paste into your search bar: -

Friday, May 12, 2017

Internship Luncheon

I finished up my internship at the Victim Witness Office, which is an extension of the District Attorney's Office, inside the Racine County Courthouse. It was an enjoyable experience, where all of the women who work there all had their own strengths to bring, to build a strong team as a collective. I admire them all. To beat that, I did get an awesome letter of recommendation from my immediate supervisor.

Because these are such awesome people, including those from the DA's main office, I brought in lunch for my last day, in hopes that giving them good food that starts with real ingredients and should be nutritious and delicious will show how much I appreciated them as well as my experience.

Bean/Veggie burgers (inspired by Robert Irvine, but adjusted to fit what I had): 2# pinto beans - soaked overnight, picked and cooked, then blended into a very thick paste. 1# brown Jasmine rice, cooked and cooled on a sheet pan. 1 yucca root - peeled, cut & boiled for 10 minutes, 2 medium carrots peeled and cut, 2 medium yellow onions peeled and cut, 1 bulb of garlic pealed: roast these veggies for 30 minutes, and mince in a food processor. Combine all of these in a large bowl, and add 1 TBS sea salt, 1 tsp freshly ground pepper corns, 1/2 cup medium-hot salsa, 3 TBS cilantro, 1 tsp cumin, juice of 2 limes. Mix well, and form into 1/8# patties. Bake on cookie sheet in a 350F for 8 minutes on each side (may be longer for larger patties). Serve on pretzel buns with hot mayo (mayo or salad dressing mixed with sriracha sauce - I do 2/3 dressing & 1/3 sriracha).

Sushi rolls: 5 cups of sushi grade Japanese rice, rinsed until water runs clear, let rest for an hour, w/o water. Add 6 cups of water to rice and a large piece or so of kombu kelp. Add 7 TBS rice vinegar, 6 TBS sugar, and 5 tsp sea salt. Mix well, cook until all liquid is absorbed, covered. Let rest for 10 minutes after cooking. Put into a large pan, and continuously cut, fold, & fluff the rice with a fan, until easy to work with. Roll with sushi seaweed, and feel free to be creative with what to put in the middle. This recipe, I did tofu, asparagus, takuan (Japanese pickled radish) and flavored shiitake mushrooms. I've also used shrimp, cucumber, carrot, egg omelet Japanese style, don't be shy to use what you like. Blanched asparagus, cauliflower, and other veggies are also good.

Anyway, now that I am done, with an awesome letter of recommendation in hand, I am looking for a full time office position where I am responsible for managing databases, give customer service, answering phones to give information and/or referrals, make copies and agendas for meetings, pass necessary information to those who need it, public speaking, taking meeting minutes, etc... I would love an attorney's office, corporations like Coka-Cola, State Departments such as DMV, and I am open to industry. I also have a medical background, also, so a personal injury type law firm would be benefited greatly with my employment. If you know anyplace which is hiring, please let me know! Thank you in advance.

In the mean time, please sign my petition, #LikasLaw4Wisconsin here:

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Child Abuse Prevention Month: Wrap Up

On this last day of April, I end this month with the question, what has anyone done to help the situation of helping survivors of childhood abuse? There are many forms. Some are worse than others. Too many children end up dying, either at the hands of their abusers, or by suicide because the system focuses too much on the perpetrators. Yes, it is true that it is the Criminal Justice System, and when we hear about physical abuse or gross neglect that leads to starvation, we get infuriated, with good cause.

It seems to me, though, that so many people want to be easy on those who sexually target children. Sorry to tell you, but, feeling sorry for the perpetrators and thinking that simple therapy will help, is only allowing the abuse to continue. Yes, I’ve done my homework. Don’t assume that because your knowledge is different than mine, that I haven’t studied the topic. I founded Youth Voice Initiative May 2008. I’d already done a lot of research back then, and haven’t stopped studying this topic. You can also visit the cause on Facebook.

I will tell you that #LikasLaw4Wisconsin is NOT about the high school sweethearts who run off together, when one is of age and the other is not. The Romeo & Juliet situation is not applicable, here. We are talking about fully grown adults who make a move on preschool age children, or the 19 year old who targets your 9 year old with special needs. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to prepubescent children, which is birth to about 11 or 12 year old kids. Hebephiles are full grown adults who prefer children at the cusp of moving into adolescence, the premature form of moving into adult shaped bodies. Just like you can’t force someone to become gay or straight, the same logic applies to pedophiles. Please check out the Lika’s Law Petition, and read the body of the petition as well as the accompanying letter. After reading through, then ask me what you wish.

There is no therapy on the face of the planet. I have spoken to a psychologist who had worked in the system, and he has explained that while the results can be found, it’s never a permanent state of coming out of being a pedophile. Pedophilia is a form of sex offender. There is grooming, not taking responsibility, and minimizing the severity of what actually happened. These are all forms of high level manipulation, and is attributed to very narcissistic people. The manipulator will figure out “the right answer”, and use these very same manipulating principle, to groom those who are not experienced into thinking they might not be dangerous. This same psychologist had said pretty much that these people will do anything to get out, and to minimize their sentence, just to get out to connive a way to go back to sexually preying on children. There is even an article by Psych Central that ends their recent report that there is no real conclusive evidence that this therapy even works. Any sex offender who targets children can SAY they’re not molesting children, if they’ve never been caught. Even this German Study doesn’t say that the therapy works, it says it COULD work. These are two different things, people. Another German Study, that took 7,000 pedophiles even states that pedophilia cannot be cured. So if it can’t be cured, how do we know that these people who are sexually attracted to children will actually keep from taking these children?

When children are traumatized, and granted, yes, there are different types of trauma, but, in this case, we will stick to abused children. The home is a combat zone, and your child was not born with boot camp experience. The repeated trauma of abuse actually affects brain development and how these kids learn. This is serious in child development, and how these kids meet the milestones necessary to compete in the workforce and beyond. Because they cannot “just fit in”, may be labeled as slow learners, it isn’t about being an adult. The brain actually changed so adulting isn’t something that just comes up as natural. If children can’t children, how do we expect to have functional adults? I am so happy for places like SAS of Lutheran Social Services to offer support, counseling, advocacy, and so much more. I volunteer for this crisis line, and the ladies and gent who are the staff and volunteers are an awesome group of people. I am also grateful for the Women’s Resource Center, which takes in those in dangerous & abusive relationships who need a safe place to stay. These are priceless agencies, both of which I am proud to be or have been associated with.

So, because the survivors of childhood sex abuse deserve more, I encourage you to take a stand and sign my petition. Not taking a sand is protecting the sex offenders who target our children, making it a community where children are made into sex toys for them.