Sunday, November 29, 2020

Covid Holiday on a budget (updated):

*Canceled* Carrie Decker - storage unit sale at Red Dot Storage in Sturtevant, WI on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - My sincere apologies!  She stood me up, when I'm just trying to help her sell stuff so she can try to get her stuff paid for. *Canceled*

So many of us are struggling these days, and we all want to do something for our families.  Here are some great ways to save money for your own holiday shopping purposes as well as help out someone else to get theirs done, as well.

Kira Treloar - Rustic Stone Jewelry & Gifts - unique, beautiful & handcrafted jewelry & more.  Please check out her Etsy Store now!  You will love the items there on Etsy.

Laura Fogelson - Mary Kay professional skincare - It's not just for women, more than makeup.  There are skincare regimens from antiwrinkle to reducing scars to evening out skin tone & age spots.  She can cater it to whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin types, and match your complexion while she's at it.

Mary Mollerskov - Wild Bloom Arts - A talented artist & photographer, has a lot of really neat, beautiful & original artwork to display & show off on your walls.  Because you can meet her in person, you're guaranteed a story to go with the decor in your home!

Mike Phipps - computer repairs for your desk or laptop.  He guarantees his work and is much more affordable.  He also has PS1, WII, and other video game units (with games), movie DVDs and more.  Please inquire to see what he has in store for you.

Lika - Professional Resume Services - current special:  25% off of all services from Black Friday to 12/23/2020.  I also have a Sony stereo with JVC surround speakers for sale $225 complete or best offer.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Professional Resume Services

Need help getting a resume together?

Have experience but can’t get it quite right?

Little to no paid job experience?

Have a resume but not getting interviews?

Resumes with Lika can help you.

Professional looking resumes & CV’s.

Proceeds help support child advocacy.

Reasonable & affordable rates.

Please inquire about getting your resume done today –  If you're on Facebook, you may contact me at Professional Resume Services.  If you're on LinkedIn, please contact me, here.

Guaranteed to get past the ATF’s and increase the number of interviews you get.  Email to get price quotes to fit your budget.

Packages can include the following:

·         Resume to get through online application systems

·         A concise version to bring to interviews

·         Cover Letter written in your “voice”

·         Future support to update your information

·         Templates to ensure current versions are being used

·         Crash courses & other resources to help keep you on top of your game $50

·         Professional people can get basic support on their LinkedIn profile  $75

Basics start at $75.00 (2 resumes or 1 resume & 1 cover letter) and go up from there, depending on what you want added.  Payment plans accepted, depending on situation.

2 resumes & Cover Letter $100

Crash courses include mock interviews, how to dress/present at interviews, how to write a cover letter to get hiring managers to look at your resume, a look at your new resume after you’ve updated it, starts at $25 & up.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Need gifts? Please support local businesses & people!

During this pandemic, we could all use a break.  With holidays coming up, some of us are wondering how we're going to pull it off, and not that gift-giving is the most important, but, let's face it, it's nice to do, or at least have a little extra to do something nice with the family.  So...  here it goes.

A fun morsel in the West Racine business district is Refined Salvage & Pallet Design, where you can find some fun, interesting, unique items for your house, as a gift, and these are perfect for those who just got into their 1st home!

While you're there, stop by at Wilson's Coffee & Tea, because they really have the best coffee, and stop in to get some kringle at Bendtsen's Bakery.  They definitely have the BEST kringle, this side of the Atlantic.  Then there's Gold Bear Trading Company, all here in the same business district, on the same side of the street.  Please don't forget to check out the new bakery, which offers items that aren't at the Danish places, and pick up your Christmas cookies from Nissi's Cake Room!  

Downtown, there's Lighthouse Gallery & Gifts, perfect for out of town people you're sending gifts to.  Their items range from pictures to T's to coffee mugs, all featuring Racine, WI!  I remember stopping in at Plumb Gold LTD as a college student when I'd ride the bus all over, and would walk down to check them out.  They just expanded, and have a 2nd store, called Plumb Silver.  I haven't been there, so I'd love to check that out someday as well.

I also have friends who could use a boost for the holidays, and here are some of what they can offer...

Kira T - Rustic Stone Jewelry & Gifts - please order on Etsy for your unique gift to your special gals in your life!

Mike Phipps - for your computer needs - he can fix your laptop & desktop at a great price, guarantees his work, & is better than many of these places where you spend an arm and a leg for...  When you message him, please also ask about vintage gaming units & classic games he has available.  Perfect again, for gift giving this holiday season!

Laura Fogel - She is a professional Mary Kay dealer, and can help you from skincare to makeup, men & women both!

Lika's Professional Resume Services - ask me what I can do for you, so you get an interview, even during this pandemic.  You're worth the investment, right?  Do it for you!

Because I need money, just to get to the end of the year...  I'll have to figure out next year after the 1st...  I also have these items for sale.  Please message me - if you're interested:

Greenbay Packer men's medium leather jacket - $30:  

Vinci R tenor saxophone - $250:

Sony Stereo with JVC speakers - $225 takes it all or individual components at prices listed below:

Sony stereo system - $150 if buying sony set
Sony receiver - $75
Sony dual cassette w/ radio - $30 - sold
Sony 6 - CD changer - $50
The stand is free, if purchase above, or $20 just for the stand

JVC surround speakers - $150 set
Bar style woofer SP XC 33 - $30
Subwoofer SX pw100 II - $65
Surround speakers (4) - $60 for all 4 or $40 for 2 or $20 for 1
Cord hook up & remotes available. Free if purchase the above, ask about ala carte pricing

It's been pampered, kept in pristine condition. Nonsmoking home.

Available 12/01/2020 - $500/month & $250/deposit, all utilities included, month to month lease. Looking for a responsible & liberal roommate, preferably female, to rent a furnished bedroom. All common areas are shared, including the laundry area. Interviews to discuss expectations & basic background checks with references needed.

Call or E-mail to schedule an interview & application to rent.

Any & all help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Backyard Bunny & More!

I've been a proud homeowner for a little over a year.  We went from renting a full-sized house to a smaller house, and still trying to downsize a lot of things.  One thing that I miss about a regular size house is having a decent front porch to sit on.  I used to love sitting out under the awning to sip on coffee, watch the traffic, watch the rain, etc.  Of course, unless it was a summer gathering, our backyard was totally underutilized.  My "new" house is a small ranch, and while we do not have a front porch, we do have a back patio.  I'd like to expand upon it, but for now, this will do.

Sitting out back often, with tea, coffee, ice water, etc. it's interesting, because now, with the various things we put out, such as the lettuce parts that we tear off, torn up bread crusts, and whatever other stuff we decide to put out, I get to watch the birds come to feast in my yard.  One of the regulars we get is a rabbit, which I named Loofah.

While never close enough to touch, this rabbit, along with a lot of squirrels, will get relatively close, with multiple people from my house sitting out on the back picnic table.  They're cute.  

Even being more of a summer girl, I enjoy the different colors of the seasons and will sit outside for some fresh air & a seasonally appropriate beverage throughout the day.  Of course, it won't be nearly as much during the winter, which will be here soon enough.

I'd like to make a few suggestions, with the winter holidays coming up, to support local businesses, authors, and more.  Here are a few I'd like to highlight:

Judy Obuchowski - embroidered t-shirts - Please click her name to contact her on Facebook, and for a sneak peek at how she works, embroidered.  Here is a sample of what she can do:

Laura Fogelson - independent Mary Kay dealer - Please go to her MK page to order, and ask questions.  She has the knowledge to help you get the skincare you need and has products for both women and men.  Here is me, glowing, with the various products I have used.

Barb Caffrey - Author & Editor - Also experienced as a reviewer of writing.  Please click on author or editor for whichever service you'd like to hire her for, she is a technical writer.

Mike Phipps - PC Repair - he can do much better than your big box stores, is affordable & reasonably priced, and guarantees his work.  He can work on your desktop and laptop.  If your computer isn't fixed to your liking, bring it back, he'll look at it again, no extra charge.

Lika - professional resume services - please see the 1st comment to see what I charge for what types of services.

My good friend, Soldwolf, is an author hoping to break into the realm of being published.  His first major writing is a military sci-fi in the making, called Meeting the Parents.  I have highlighted some chapters in previous blogs.  To get a quick recap - It is a story about an earth hero, who is betrothed to his love, who is from the planet of Tamal.  As the news hits the Morning Edition (2), he gets a Big Sister Interrogation 3 (times as what he thought - 5), and who doesn't want to meet the lovely Grandmother (12)?  With a lot of Journeys & Preparations (22) for the Meetings & Arrivals (31), the Plans & Tours (37) are a lot to take into account.  Don't be alarmed by the Opening Moves (43).  Please go ahead and read, with enough interest when the story is done, Deviant Art might just hook him up with an editor & help get this published into a real book.

Here is a synopsis of the two most recent chapters:

The assignment went a little bit too smoothly for comfort.  Things need to be looked into a little bit deeper.  Information coming in, so far so good.  A new fleet is coming in, status unknown...  Friendly? Foe?  Disloyal?  Pirates beware, this isn't their day.  

Will the good side be able to intercept this group & keep everyone safe?  Will they succeed in keeping their own crew intact?  Will the allies show up on time?  A snafu to thwart the hero's defenders in this part of the universe?  The big weapons are limited.  The enemy is set to attack...  Will the planet of Tamal be saved?  Oh, the intensity!  

Have a read for yourself to find out...

The pirates are trying to sneak past into Tamal territory...  But is the one heavy ship outgunned?  Are there smaller & faster pods running interference for them?  Who knows...

In the meantime, what do you do with a cute herbivorous Tamalni child who wants grilled cheese sandwiches?  

Injury stats are coming in...  Can the medic deal with all of them?  Maybe they should have an emergency holographic doctor to help out like on Star Trek: Voyager.  What do you think?  To find out, read all about it!

Until next time...

Friday, September 18, 2020

It's been a year so far...

 2020 has been a crazy year for a lot of us.  Social distancing, mask requirement, possibly being asked to wear gloves, places that are either closed or only partially open, work hours reduced or possibly laid off, so many crazy things...  I hope everyone is faring as well as possible.

I started off the COVID shut down being an assistant at the Hospitality Center in a different way than what I was previously.  I ended up being the "chef" on Mondays & Fridays with bringing in my son on Thursdays since the senior employment program that supplied the cooks for those three days were not allowed to come in due to the fact that many of the participants are in the high-risk group, whether it's due to age, other health problems, etc.  It was a learning experience for sure since the number of people I was going to be cooking for was 80+ back in the middle of March.  Previously, my highest number was 35, for a picnic-style open house for my son's graduation party in the back yard, but as for regular gatherings at home, my highest was more like about 20.  I wasn't sure I could do it, and the first couple of weeks, I ended up short, but was able to punt to ensure that everyone who came to the door got a to-go lunch that was well balanced.  Eventually, I grew into the job and was easily able to meet higher demands, which grew to feed 100 people, to 120, and by the time August came around, it was normal to get numbers anywhere from 150-170 hungry people.

The adjustment to doing it this way had changed, because before March 16, the Center was open for people to come in from 8:30am - 2:30pm M-F and whether it was the occasional hot breakfasts or the basic pastries, cold cereal, bottomless pot of coffee, and then a healthy hot lunch, with a full staff of volunteers to fill out the serving line cafeteria-style.  Starting then, we had a smaller staff, and rather than being able to serve it inside, everything was packed into 3 section styrofoam to-go clamshells, which were packed in the kitchen, to go onto long tables in the hall to be packed into bags with other goodies like water or juice, fruit, chips, dessert, etc. and then went to another table just inside the front, to serve one person at a time to get things to-go, including coffee-to-go.  It's definitely a process, and it was an adjustment.  Lunch is still served this way from 11:30-12:30.  A paper sack breakfast is also served the same way from 7:30-8:30, and about 3 people are responsible for getting a balanced breakfast of a hot main breakfast entree (scrambled eggs or quiche or breakfast sandwich), fruit, granola bar, and a pastry item.  It's not an easy task, but we're pulling it off.

Unfortunately for me, I had a pinched nerve issue that was gradually making it more and more difficult to do the task, and 7/19, woke up thinking I just slept on my shoulder wrong and figured I'd work it out over a couple days, went in the next day to cook my Monday meal for over 150 people, to Tuesday, not being able to even get dressed by myself and needing help making a pb&j sandwich.  It was scary & very painful...  From my shoulder blade, all the way to my elbow on my left arm hurt.  An entire band going all the way was feeling permanently flexed, while the rest of the arm didn't want to work.  I have a high tolerance for pain, but this was seriously ungodly.  

After several trips to various doctors, some E.R. appointments, and various specialists, I had spine surgery on my neck on 8/20 to un-pinch the nerve that made it so my left arm could start being used again.  During the month I had the problem, I had a difficult time sitting at my desk or at the table to eat.  As time went on, the pain went halfway down my forearm and started getting tingling and numbness in my hand.  After surgery, that pain was pretty much gone...  But, now had the problem of the nerve not communicating properly with the muscles, and have been going back and forth to follow up appointments, physical therapy, and I'm probably about 1/3 of the way to get my strength & coordination back in my arm.

I'm not in the clear yet, for now, I'm fortunate that everywhere I need to go, I have a couple of people who can take me.  My son, husband & roommate have all been totally cool about helping me at home.  I'm now starting to be able to cook for the household, but will be at least a couple months before I can think about cooking for over 100 again...  I miss being able to do that.

But, of course, with the pandemic reducing people's work hours, our cash flow has greatly reduced, and on one hand, sure, we are lucky that the guys still had their hours, but, on the other hand, because of greatly reduced hours (and not able to claim unemployment), I have to think about possibly doing something to get some cash coming in to pay for everything we need.  I'm not sure what I can do yet, since I'm not medically cleared to go back to work nor drive, and while I do have some cool things to be able to sell, (Packer coats, a Harley leather jacket, complete Sony stereo, video games, and more) everyone else seems to be broke as well.  I hope to be able to figure out somethings...  I can help write your resume if you need to update it so that the online process will score you a few interviews.  I guarantee it.  Please comment below, if you're interested.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this - if you or anyone you know is food insecure, the Hospitality Center is the place you can go.  Breakfast - M-F from 7:30-8:30.  Lunch - M-F from 11:30-12:30.  The closer you show up to the beginning of the time, the more likely you'll get the best stuff, though anyone who comes to the door hungry during those times will get fed something to-go.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Essential Services & Needs of the Community:

With all of the fuss with being self quarantined and staying home, I hope most people are not going too stir crazy, and are getting to the things you've wanted to do, such as reading, home improvement, relaxing, etc.  It's good to catch up.  But, if you're looking for something more to do, may I suggest supporting one of a kind organizations?

While I'd love to be more involved within the community, some of us who are in the essential services are working in overdrive to help those in need.  As I've stepped it up a little for the Hospitality Center due to this Covid19, we still serve food & coffee without being able to be a warming shelter.  Carry out to-go containers are being served.

Another agency near and dear to me, where I'd love to have the energy to tutor regularly again, is the Racine Literacy Council (RLC).  It is an awesome place for those who want to learn, and it's not just for the students who want to polish up their grammar, or reading & writing skills.  It's a place where those who are English language learners can get acclimated to our society.  Tutoring is available for returning students who want to get their high school diploma.  For those who tutor, it's a place to learn more new things for yourself, and to share camaraderie with others, who just want to make this corner of the planet a little less angry, hectic, and scary.  I really love this place.

But, in this day of social lockdown, the annual fundraiser, the Open Door Event, was canceled.  This is an excellent community resource we have in RLC.  Normally, there is this really cool outlet at Memorial Hall with dinner, cash bar, guest speakers, honors & even live music!  This year, the silent auction is online only.

There are over 70 items you can bid on, and they range from Peanuts Kohl's Cares Program Set to Greenbay Packers memorabilia and a lot of things in between.  Please have a look at the items, because not only are you supporting a great cause, you're also getting a unique item to talk about.  And, when things get back to normal, please help support the businesses that generously donated to the cause to raise money to help people learn!  There are 50 items on page 1, 29 items on page 2.  Please check out everything, and hope you can bid on something, and if you're not interested for yourself, it makes a great gift, and if you can't afford to give, a donation to the Literacy Council is appreciated in any amount!

And while supporting literacy, don't forget to check out my friend Soldwolf's story, Meeting the Parents (ch 1), a military sci-fi in the making about a human hero in a united Earth space Navy, with a lovely fiance from Tamal, and with lots of intercultural relationships, action, and so much more coming out of this story!  From the Morning Edition (ch 2) to what is going on at the SSQH (ch 14) to a Family Meeting (ch 25) to Parties, Friends & Guests (ch 33) to Takedowns (ch 40), something is always happening, like in the newest chapter -
Hammer Punch 1 (ch 51): 
So, the Heavy gets there to the system.  The Tamalnii are already in combat.  Did they get there on time?  The injury & fatality lists are coming in...  Which side takes the most damage?  The pirates or the hero & his lovely?  Things are happening at each station & substation...  Read in to find out what all the action is about!  Does the relief come in?  Any eye-candy around?  I hope the lovely couple & family are okay...

Exciting things are happening, and after he's done wrapping it up, with enough interest, a publisher might pick it up to turn it into a real book, where I get a free, autographed copy!  And, it would be super cool, if the students of the Racine Literacy Council were able to read it, too, because who doesn't love an action-packed story with a plot, subplot, and so much more?

Please be dears and take care of yourselves, and hope that somethings to think about can help you alleviate your cabin fever...

Saturday, February 1, 2020

A Belated Happy Holidays

It's been a while since I've posted, and hope everyone had a nice holiday season celebrated just the way you wanted it!  With winter in full swing and being strange, I've been very tired and fatigued the last few months and wish my energy would come find me again.

I spend the holidays quietly, with just the people in my house and a small number of other people to join my dinner table.  It was nice.

When not entertaining, I caught up on some reading, mostly, my friend Soldwolf's story, Meeting the Parents.  It is a military sci-fi novel in the making, where the hero, Scott Eckert, a decorated space Navy officer from Earth and his lovely, Quen'tra, a young woman from the planet of Tamal, who is part of a prominent family from her world.

You can meet the characters involved in The Morning Edition (ch 2), listen in on the Big Sister Interrogation 3 times (ch 5), learn about the Cultural Differences (ch 16), how the Tamalnii celebrate the couple's First Night Out (ch 17), the various Preparations (ch 23) necessary both on the personal/family end as well as political/military aspects, the merge of various types of Celebrations (ch 32), the various Lessons (ch 46) to be learned and so much more...

It is a captivating story, which has the potential to catch the eyes of publishers to be turned into a real book.  I'm hoping that someday, I will be a proud owner of a signed copy of this novel, and in reading, I review the newest chapters in hopes of grabbing more readers to help make this come to fruition.

In chapter 49, Return Firethe battle plans are in place, and they're doing so subtly.  Loyalties are scarce and possibly outnumbered.  Will the humans be able to fight with/for the Talmalnii?  Or will the futuristic pirates pummel through weak links?

The heavy ships are lined up.  Ready. Set.  When do they go?  Mission:  Save a Planet.  Tours are canceled, but only for tourists, the military tour is a full go for action.  Do the pirates go undetected? Blown out of the air?  Do cloaking devices exist and work or are the trails still detectable?  

In the meantime, the kids are getting into stuff.  Will they ruin it for their parents to do their jobs correctly?  Are they causing too much trouble?  Or is it all for the right reason?  Read on to find out!

Chapter 50, Firefight is exciting.  The numbers are in.  Assessments are being made.  Will it be more of a cleanup or will they have to battle hard? Is this war or a rescue mission?  These explosions aren't the ones we hear about from the Revolutionary War.  These aren't your ordinary rockets, and these bombs bursting in air do a lot more damage...  

Defense strategies are in place.  The tactical offense is set.  Will the Hero & his family persevere in this mission?  Is there going to be a family feud or will they read each other and make it work?  Curious minds sitting on the edge of our seats want to know...  

I wonder, though.  Are far away lightning strikes and explosions really advanced species at war out in the stratosphere?  Maybe they're not really any stars imploding on themselves.  As for the casualties, the enemy line suffers more.  Let's just hope not all is demolished and the hero & his lovely are safe with family & friends!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned - I appreciate your patience and Happy Ground Hog Day!