Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, and a Remembrance.

First off, as the founder of and on behalf of the Youth Voice Initiative board and volunteers, I'd like to wish each and every one of you a very happy Thanksgiving.  There are many things to be thankful for.

Please check out the official website:

One of the many things I am thankful for is the fact that YVI has gotten a tremendous amount of support this past year, and have done some important things, such as pushing petitions and a letter writing campaign for some kids who needed better protections and treatment than what they had been getting not just personally, but through the court system as well.  Some pushes were more successful than others, but, just because not everything went as planned does not mean we should give up in helping our abused children.  The fight continues, hopefully with bigger and better things in 2017.

While we are all enjoying our Thanksgiving meals, please remember to share with your dining table what all you are thankful for, because we only live once, and tomorrow isn't guaranteed.  Even if these can be huge, like our feast today, the roof over our heads, and family gathering around the table, or even the smaller things, such as liking what we have, it's all worth being thankful for.  But also please remember, holidays often bring about an escalated level of violence toward those who are being abused.  Because schools are closed, businesses let out early, etc...  The availability of those who are abusers is now greater, and there are plenty out there, especially children, who may dread the holidays.  I'd like for these people to be remembered in hopes that they are one day closer to safety and redemption, as opposed to the emergency rooms.

So many people are going without in this sad state of the economy.  While I am remembering these people, who may be homeless, very destitute, or very lonely, that they go to places like the Racine Festival Site to get their free Thanksgiving dinners, so they can have people to be around, without having to be embarrassed or shy about being there, since it is open to the public.  I am thankful for these places and the people who make it happen.

I am also thankful for not only my family at my home, but, my friends out in the community, not just here in Racine, but all over cyberspace, who are a part of my greater extended family.  While life is not always happy and we encounter a lot of roadblocks, I am thankful for my inner strength and ingenuity to help push me into tomorrow, to continue the advocacy for our abused children.  

A big thing that I am also thankful for, is that we live in a culturally diverse place, where we can celebrate all cultural traditions.  I just wish that I had authentic recipes from these various cultures.

I am fortunate for whom I had sitting around my table.  I had my son, my husband. our housemate, his mother, and my adopted brother.  We had a good meal.

The only thing I wasn't so thankful about, is the fact that Mr. Terrance Gerin, who is known as Rhyno in professional wrestling, did not win his election for Michigan State Assembly.  I would have voted for him, if I could, he is not the stereotype of what a professional athlete would be as a candidate.  He did very well for his first run, and hopefully, he will run again, and will do much better next time.  But, no time to worry, it's a holiday.  Eat up and enjoy!

Our housemate did the turkey, with his special spicing of the turkey, along with stuffing the turkey with a halved onion, a cut up carrot, a couple sticks of celery, a half an apple, and a half of a lemon.  The turkey was moist, all the way through, with a nice golden color and very crispy on the skin.  He also made the gravy, and that was good, too.

My husband made deviled eggs, and set up the veggie tray which included radishes, baby dill pickles, and celery sticks stuffed with cream cheese and others with peanut butter.  Then he helped me a lot, too.  My son kept everything clean, and helped each person as needed, along with my husband being my gofer.

I made 4 pumpkin pies, which came out perfect, and this was the 1st holiday in 18 years that I didn't do other pies.  Apple is my favorite, but not this year, since we hosted.  I also did green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and squash with pecans.  I used Truvia because our housemate's mom and I are both diabetic, and it was good with the sweet potatoes and squash.  Since we weren't using the stuffing to go IN the turkey, I used the neck bone and my special mix to make a turkey broth, and made it on the side, and surprisingly, the stuffing came out better than ever.  Cool, huh?

Anyway, we also have another visitor, which we found while waiting in the parking lot for my adopted brother.  A very cute, very sweet little black kitten, about 6-7 months old.  She is used to people, and obviously, had been with people, though due to the couple of burrs on her, she's been outside for at least a few days.  Sad...  She's cuddly and is so sweet.  I am hoping that someone will want to take her home.

Please email me, at - please put "little black cat" in the subject line, so I know what you are emailing about.  I hope someone takes her, she's a very good cat.

That's my son, with the cat.  She looks bigger than she really is in this picture.  She really is sweet...

Happy Thanksgiving, and stay blessed, people!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Please sign this petition and share widely.


U.S. House of Representatives
President of the United States
United Healthcare
Senator Charles Schumer
Governor Cuomo 

This petition is a formal request for a meeting and interview with the White House to finally address the removal of the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases and pass important laws in all 50 states.If there are no statute of limitations on the pain and suffering a victim goes through, then there should be no statute of limitations for the guilty. Jessica's law mandates a minimum sentence of 25 years and a maximum of life in prison for first-time child sex offenders. A predatory pedophile or child molester who seek out children to victimize by placing themselves in positions of trust, authority, and easy access to young children, can have hundreds of victims over the course of their lifetime.. The behavior is highly repetitive, to the point of compulsion. Erin's law provides age-appropriate lessons to students on how to recognize and safely report sexual abuse. Our new proposal “Survivors of Sexual Abuse Protection and Resources Act” will provide free counseling, support and resources to survivors who cannot afford psychotherapy and counseling.

As an advocate working for many years with survivors of child sexual abuse and know firsthand, being a survivor of incest, child sexual abuse and human trafficking, about the lack of support and resources endured as well as expensive treatments. Many survivors endure a lifetime of pain without protection, support nor resources to help cope and deal with the aftermath of the sexual abuse such as: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression and/or Substance Abuse.

Children who are sexually abused develop significant psychological and emotional distress because they are traumatized during the most critical period of their lives.

Help us take action to help stop child sexual abuse!

This petition and campaign is dedicated to ALL survivors!

Cecibel Contreras - It was Me Campaign
Please sign and share the petition:…

It was ME Campaign is a product of Cecibel Alexandra Contreras copyright registration number.
Registration Number / Date:
VAu001208777 / 2015-05-06

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Eat, Drink, and Be Ready for More!

Those of you who know me, know that I experiment with my food, so that no, my kitchen is not a regular kitchen, nor is it a test kitchen. My kitchen is a science lab. Yes, I’m a sort of a food nerd, if you will. I don’t mind, it’s fun.

So, I see a post from a friend of mine, Lisa, about something called kombucha, which is a natural probiotic tea that is fermented, but not alcoholic. Fermented as in similar to how pickles of various kinds that are healthy for you, and to promote good bacteria to keep your digestive tract healthy. After the 1st fermentation, you separate the tea from the scoby, which is the “Mother” for the brew, and do a second fermentation with fruit, to flavor it and give it that natural fizz, similar to apple cider, but it’s a healthy tea. 
Kombucha peach fizz tea, ready for consumption.
I’m still perfecting my 2nd fermentation, in hopes to get a flavor I like better, but, my son Chad, husband Mike, and friend David all seem to like them fairly well. I kind of liked the last one, which was a pear spice tea, but, Mike really like this batch, which is the peach spice. I also had done a mixed fruit one, and that seems good too. So, instead of tossing them out after fermenting into a fizzy fruit tea, I turned it into a kombucha fruit pie. Needless to say, with the little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon I added, the pie went over well, and didn’t last 48 hours.
Peach and mixed fruit "kombucha" pie
Oh, so great. Now you know where my priorities are... Talking about beverages and desserts... Where’s dinner? Here it is. ;) 
For dinner: Miso soup with black oysters Gyoza (poststickers) Sushi brown rice Spicy nori, traditional takuan, kimchee takuan Shiitake mushrooms, marinated Dipping sauce for the gyoza (it’s my homemade concoction).
It's kind of like a 5 course meal, all in 1. It looks delicious, doesn't it?
I like to cook, and I like to try different things. Some experiments are better than others, and other times, mistakes turn into something better. Go figure. If this makes you hungry, feel free to invite yourself over for dinner, and I just might make something cool & full of goodness for you.
The only thing better, would be to be able to sell MY food, to raise money for my one and only nonprofit, Youth Voice Initiative, a registered 501c4, a social welfare organization to push social changes necessary to help abused children get protection and justice under the law, as opposed to returning them to the harmful environments that they are in. We are, as a society, way too easy on those who abuse children.
Yes, we hear that children are resilient. But, that would hold true to ones that are going through a more natural hardship, such as poverty or what have you. Normal households have an environment to where children are able to create trust, have normal boundaries, have self respect and some self pride, learn to discover the world around them through play and study, form relationship with others which are productive, not destructive. Many of these are totally missed or are miscued in so many ways, because rather than figuring out how to stack the blocks so they won’t fall, abused children have to find a way to not get beaten or sexually abused. The normal phase of building trust is replaced with trying to figure out how to get mom or dad or whom ever to love them. Boundaries are broken, and often, is not able to figure out where the normal ones ought to be. Rather than a safe and peaceful home life, home is the war zone with no where to go. There will be no rescue. There is no escaping. Home is the abusive war zone. The road to normalcy is one that can be unattainable by some who have survived the atrocities of manipulation, grooming, psychological abuse, physical abuse, narcissism from the abuser, sex abuse, etc... (being told you are stupid by your parents makes you believe you are, after all, parents are supposed to love you enough to be truthful, right)? 
And, it’s very ignorant of those who have not gone through this to say, “You’re an adult, act like it, you know better”... Okay, so, the only thing many pick up about being an adult, is either follow the footsteps of your parents, good or bad examples, or, if you have had bad ones, the choice is, don’t be like them. But, who do we end up like? That is the same as saying, you have a roof, now build the house. You can’t build the house under the roof. You have to build the house to put the roof on. Abuse survivors are ones who as an adult, has the roof, because that is where being an adult is, figuratively speaking. We don’t know how to build a normal house under that roof, because the figurative one that we lived in throughout our childhood had been hit by a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane, and a fire. Us survivors must start from the ground up.
I think I’m headed down the right path. Things may not end up working out they way I exactly wanted, but, sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves, and use that title in a different way. As a child, I wanted to be a dignitary, and be the representative ambassador from the United States to other countries, seeing the exotic people, culture, food, sights, and all of those good things. Maybe I imagined it to be more glorified than what it really is. I’ll probably never get appointed, even though I have a natural knack understanding different peoples of our planet, if I get to meet them in person. But, even if I may never get there, I really feel like I am being an ambassador, for the abused children, to the legislature to bring ideas and change to make new laws, to protect our most precious resource: Our next generations to come.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Change, Issues, & Definitions

Most people who know me knows that I am a child advocate, who presses for the social change necessary to put a damper on those who abuse our children. The types of abuse are physical abuse such as domestic violence; gross neglect such as not feeding your children; and sex abuse, which is one of the more damaging types. It’s not to say that other aspects are not present, such as psychological abuse and bullying, but, if you figure, bullying is also included in domestic violence as well as at schools, and psychological abuse is always present in any of these categories. Grooming children and their families to make good victims are a form of psychological abuse. Victim blaming is also a form of bullying and psychological abuse. It’s crazy, that I’ve been called a bully for calling out sex offender behavior in others.
A new example of physical abuse comes in form of a dad who drags his daughter by her hair through the whole store. It doesn’t say what she had done, so I won’t speculate, but, to make a public mockery of her by dragging her by the hair through the entire store, isle by isle is not the way to raise your children. 

Here is the article:

We have heard about the two Coreys who did so many movies together, and how during their reality TV show, it came out that both of them had been sexually abused on set and more, by the directors and other Hollywood A-Listers. It is surprising who are all here as a part of the bigger picture, and how even the directors joked about how everyone has had both boys as youngsters. Other child actors were victims of this violence also, and we know that both Corey Haim and River Phoenix both died due to drug use, probably as a way to cope with the sex abuse they had to endure. Both may be alive today, if they had the right kind of support, and people need to learn that children are NOT sex toys.

Here is an article that talks more about this issue:

While in the courts, the term “pedophilia” as a general term for full grown adults who engage in sexual contact with those younger than the age of consent, here is a better explanation of what the different categories are. Thing is, because of the nature, I don’t like the term “sexual contact”, because it signifies consent. That would fall under statutory, meaning one is above and the other is below the age of consent, and implies that the two are peers of some sort, like high school sweethearts. I really wish they would stop prosecuting the “Romeo & Juliette” couples, because they don’t belong in this category at all. 

 But, here are the definitions as I got them from Wiki:
1) Ephebophilia is the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.[1][2] The term was originally used in the late 19th to mid 20th century.[2] It is one of a number of sexual preferences across age groups subsumed under the technical term chronophilia. Ephebophilia strictly denotes the preference for mid-to-late adolescent sexual partners, not the mere presence of some level of sexual attraction.
2) Hebephilia is the strong and persistent adult sexual interest in pubescent (early adolescent) individuals, typically ages 11–14
3) Pedophilia is a psychological issue, in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.[1][2] Although girls typically begin the process of puberty at age 10 or 11, and boys at age 11 or 12,[3] criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13.[1] A person who is diagnosed with pedophilia must be at least 16 years old, but adolescents must be at least five years older than the prepubescent child for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia.[1][2]

As you can see, if the object of desire is 18 or 19, it would be considered legal, because they are adults. But, you have to admit, it is creepy to have adults that are in their mid 30s or older be checking out someone who may be 18 and still finishing high school... This shows the sickness of some, that while it may be legal, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ethical, as shown in the definition of #1. I also beg to differ that pedophilia is not only the only one listed as a psychological issue, but that it implies that it is a disorder. I’m not saying it’s not a sick thing, because it is sick. But, as a psychological disorder, it implies that those who are pedophiles are “afflicted”, and they deserve no mercy for preying on children, and the fact that they groom their victims and their families, shows intent, which ought to be criminal, not psychological.

While we all agree that children, especially babies, who end up disabled or dying due to sex abuse is horrific, we seem to minimize the teenager who ends up the same way. To me, they are equally horrific. Our small children and babies feel the physical pain, and the sex abuse is painful the same way getting beaten is. Our teens and tweens understand the dirt, the dehumanization that is associated with sex abuse.

Speaking of terms, any form of pedophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia should be called rape, or sex assault, because it is assault, and traumatizing, where as saying sexual contact sounds like fluff. Kissing someone who doesn’t want it, or fondling someone would be considered contact. Once it passes that, the more it is assault and rape it is.

All too often, our perpetrators are not getting the punishment they need. Abusers are often narcissistic and manipulative, and are good at playing the victim. They will do what ever they can, to make their target less of a person than themselves. The manipulation is to exert some control of the victims, and when the victim exerts enough strength to speak up, the perpetrators will almost always go running to every family member, friend, friendly acquaintances, community group, etc. and blab about the outrageous things you accused them of (even if they totally exaggerate what you asserted), to ensure that they control how others think or feel of you, and that is another manipulation tactic to make you look like the crazy idiot. Classic sex offender behavior. Especially if one of the people told ended up coming to you to tell you off, to further push the idea that you are the crazy one. Don’t doubt yourself. They are the ones who are twisted. The more they abuse, the more manipulation they use. Sex offenders are more narcissistic than those who are physically abusive, but, both are under the same pretense that they are better than you, so they are entitled to use you for their own purposes, whether it’s beating you or sexually abusing you. They are at the height of narcissistic manipulation, and has fooled a lot of people.

I am hoping that in the next year, that we will get momentum in Youth Voice Initiative, a registered 501c4 of it’s kind to the best of my knowledge, and we can make headway in pushing for the future of our abused children. Regardless of if I make enough money or not would be secondary, if we can become leaders in the cause of protecting our children. That would truly make me happy.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Curtains, Science Experiment, and Eat!

I Okay, so I know that I’ve been talking curtains for a while, and yes, I have pictures... But, of course, I have to let you in on something totally not related to making these curtains...
So, I bring home this pie pumpkin... My son, Chad, had a lab experiment where he had to take a pumpkin, weight it, cut out the top, scoop out as much of the insides as possible, weight the pumpkin again, and count how many seeds there were, and weigh the insides, too. So, of course, rather than waste the pumpkin, I made pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds.
It was about a 4.5 pound pumpkin, that got sliced and roasted in the oven with a little water after being used for the experiment. Allow it to cool, peel the skin off (it should be easy, since it’s all been roasted). Pulse in a blender, to the consistency you want. The thick fibers, I usually just toss, it’s the meat of the pumpkin you want for this. Take 3 eggs (or 3/4 cup apple sauce for a binder), add 1.5 cups almond milk (I prefer Blue Diamond) and 3/4cups each white and brown sugars. Mix well. Add about 2 generous TBS ground cinnamon, 1.5 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, and 1/4 tsp ground cloves. Blend well. Bake in preheated oven @ 425F for 15 minutes. Turn heat down to 350F, bake for another 45 minutes until set.

Who ate all the seeds? Yes, this is the way the pie will look.

I decided to leave some chunks in, for texture purposes, and it was good.

Back to the point... I’m finally done with the curtains, so, here they are. Some are better than others, and I’m not totally done yet, but, I’m taking a break for a few days, and will do the kitchen next, as I have time.

Our upstairs bathroom, which is already yellow tile, all the way around (floor, walls, and ceiling). These curtains go good, I think.

Basement bathroom. I like this much better than the one I had here before, which is relocated to a different window.

Our bedroom curtain

Our bedroom curtain, closed.

Chad's room, which I need material for the curtains, but he at least has blinds.

These are the dining room curtains, the ghetto ones of the bunch.

This is the front window, and the curtain came from the basement bathroom.

Side hallway, up from the front window. The patterns kind of match, so it's neat that they're in the same area.

And, these are the living room curtains.

I know they may seem overly simple... And I did not put a back covering on them, it’s my first set of curtains, and I only have limited supplies and funds to get what I need, so, I did what I could with what I had. Could be better, but, they could be worse.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Important Information 4-U-2 Know:

This is off of a pamphlet from Resources for Families with different numbers around Racine County, if you need anything. This is not a complete list, but, there are referral services here, so those people should be able to help you, if there is something you need, but it’s not covered here. But, here you go... Please share widely for those who may need help.
General Information:
Information & Referral: 211  
*If 211 doesn’t work from your phone: 866-211-3380
Catholic Charities Hispanic Outreach: (262)635-9510
Love Inc. (Western Racine Co.): (262)763-6226
Birth to Three (Special Needs Birth to Six): (262)638-7720
Aging & Disability Resource Center:(262)833-8777 
 -of Racine County (ADRC): 866-2191043
United Way of Racine County: (262)898-2240 
 -Advancing Family Assets: (262)898-2240
Workforce Development Center: (262)638-6312 
+Western Racine County: (262)767-5399
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR): (262)638-7200
First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship: (262)633-3285
Life’s Transitions: 877-678-0743
OIC of Racine County: (262)636-3818
Racine Vocational Ministry: (262)633-8660
UMOS: (262)657-2170
YWCA S.E. WI: (262)898-5530
Veteran’s Employment: (262)638-6564
Veteran’s Service Office (Racine Co): (262)638-6702
Vet’s Place South East (Racine): (262)633-5180  
+Vet’s Place Southern Center: (262)878-9151
Baby Express: 800-579-1145
The BUS: (262)637-9000
K-Town Transportation: (262)764-0377
SPARC (Burlington): (262)412-8641
My Ride Free Transport for Senior Citizens: (262)417-7544
Legal Action Wisconsin: (262)635-8836 (800)242-5840
Non-Profit Legal Services of SE-WI: 877-619-8944

Friday, August 5, 2016

Elections, Candidates, and Why This Curious Mind Wants to Know...

As I've stated in the past, I have been active with the election and campaigning process for a very long time.  It is fun for me to participate in this action, as well as gratifying to be an activated advocate.  The biggest reason being that I just love the way our Founding Fathers have laid it out as a governmental system run BY the people FOR the people.  To me, it represents the fact that ordinary, regular, everyday people like us get to speak to our elected officials, and voice our concerns, support, and even suggest what kind of law to be maid.  I am most definitely dating myself, but, here is my hard work in action, and while it died in committee due to a study that didn't finish before the 2 year legislative session, I was proud of myself for being able to push it to the point of being heard in the Committee for Criminal Justice & Corrections.

Please click for the article:  The Force Behind April's Law Wisconsin 

In any case, I just love the Preamble for The Constitution:

The 1st 3 words speaks for it all...  "We the people"...  This reminds me of the song I Got the Power which rings true for every American citizen...

Okay, sorry, I digress...  Thanks for bearing with me.

Because voting at every election is very important to me, because these are the events that shape the direction of where our country, state, county, and municipality will be going for the next 2-6 years, depending on how long each term is.  I encourage everyone to vote at all elections, even small primaries, because the decisions at these primaries will decide who is on the ballot for the general election, which will pick the person to represent us in what ever political position they are running for.  So, if anything, please pay attention to what is going on at home.

I, on the other hand, am interested in what goes on all over the country, and some election races are more important than others.  Sometimes it's because of the issues.  Other times it's the candidates.  This election run, a specific candidate (out of my voting arena) grabbed my interest.  You probably already know...  The professional wrestler named #Rhyno, whose real name is Terrance Guido Gerin, is running for state representative in Dearborn, MI - part of the Greater Detroit area.

I have to admit, I'm really not a huge fan of supporting celebrities who run for office.  When Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump ran for office, I had a few of those eye-roll moments where I think I showed up a group of teenagers being lectured by the neighborhood eccentric about behaving...  I still can't believe Trump made it this far...  There were so many other Republican candidates who would have been so much better qualified...  Arnold was pretty unremarkable as the governor of California.  It was cool to have a real live action figure in office, but, for me, there wasn't too much of interest after that.

On the other hand, when Clint Eastwood and Jesse "The Body" Ventura ran for their respective offices, I was curious, because both of them have their intellectual aspects that is extraordinary even in the everyday world without the fact that they are famous for their acting, and Jesse as an athlete as well.  I especially appreciate the fact that Jesse Ventura ran under a 3rd party, and won.  He ran as a part of the Independence Party, which was previously called the Reform Party.  I found that very interesting, and very neat.  (You see, as a tame rebel myself, I love when people "break the rules" and do it their way, and succeed; and it's actually LEGAL)!

Okay, okay, sorry...  I'm famous for going on tangents...  Back to Rhyno the Wrestler who is running for office...  Anyway, what intrigues me is the fact that I would have NEVER pegged him as a candidate.  So, when I heard the news, of course, I had to investigate.  I read up on him in as many venues as possible, to ensure that I pick up even the smallest piece of information because he piqued my interest as to why he took such a huge leap from doing extreme wrestling to running for state assembly.

What I can gather from what I have read, and I think I'm mostly correct in my assessment of him, is while Mr. Terrance Gerin is a self admitted workaholic, I think he has this urge to want to be a people pleaser and wants to do it in the best ways as possible.  Just like Madonna wants the whole planet to love her, Terrance Gerin wants everyone to be proud of him for doing a good job for them.  It interests me further, that as the character, Rhyno, he is a tough force to be reckoned with, more like Mother Nature, while as the person, he comes across more like an eager Father Time, in my opinion.  I say this because he wants to stay on the active roster for WWE as a wrestler, while busting his chops as an elected official.

The Michigan primary was on August 2, 2016, and Mr. Gerin won the Republican ticket against several other contestants.  He is now gearing up for the general election in November, where we have one of the most heated presidential race to date in this country.  I believe that since presidential elections always bring in the biggest crowd, he has a better chance of winning his seat because of this.  I also think that after being elected, that you will see he will be the change this country needs, because of his dedication to his hometown and the fact that he loves being American, and being a hometown hero, who truly has his best interests in his community.  I think he is going to be awesome, in the true sense of the word.  I just wish all other candidates had his passion for our country and community as well.

To tie his passion and love for his work and for the elected position, his campaign slogan is, "Vote for Rhino; he will fight for you".  Perfect.

Here is a telephone interview, courtesy of Syma Chowdhry, an Emmy Award winning reporter and fill-in anchor for Detroit News station WXYZ-TV:  Rhyno Speaks to WXYZ-TV
He is running for Michigan's 15th district for State Representative.

To stay in the loop, please like his facebook page:  Vote for Rhino 

Or if you're on Twitter:  Rhyno313 

To support the campaign directly:  Terrance Guido Gerin for State Rep 

Or buy a T-Shirt as a souvenir and support the campaign at the same time:  Pro Wrestling Tees